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Aluminium Anodizing

Anodizing & Surface Finishing

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that improves the corrosion and wear resistance of aluminium by the formation of a layer of oxide on its surface. This process is accomplished by immersing aluminium into an electrolyte for a period of time. The anodized aluminium can then be dyed into various colours.
We have a long history of producing anodized aluminium with high aesthetics requirement and tight colour tolerance. Our CNC automated anodizing line is capable of producing tens of thousands of parts per day. 

We are your one-stop manufacturing solution. From raw material sourcing to finished good packaging and delivery, our team will ensure your production planning is hassle-free. We have in-house stamping machines, CNC milling machines, and can custom make specific machines to cater to your production needs.
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Drying   Drying 

Our process can be customized and tailored to your needs. We have a long-standing tradition of working closely with our clients to achieve the most optimal surface finish and colour for their anodized parts.

Various surface finishing processes such as sandblasting, mechanical and chemical polishing can be added to the process to modify the appearance of the anodized aluminium. The anodized aluminium can also be dyed to desired colours. If you have any specific surface finish or colour requirements, we can help you match them and provide prototypes and samples. Our technical specialist will work closely with you to achieve the best for your product.   

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