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Pipe Perforation

Lower Cost

Lower Cost

Higher Quality

Higher Quality

Shorter Process

Shorter Process

Full 360° Perforation squarespace Single-piece Pipes squarespace Good Roundness

Our innovative pipe perforation process provides you better cost, quality, and design flexibility. 

With our ability to stamp directly on pipes, your production cost will be marginally lower with the shorter process flow.

The process is capable of producing:

  • Pipes with good finishing and near perfect weld with no material protrusion

  • Single-piece pipes with smooth inner surface and no joints

  • Pipes with better roundness & full 360° perforation

  • Pipes that are swaged before being perforated

  • Longer pipes with both ends swaged, any location perforated


Direct Stamping on Pipe

Our current process perforates pipes of diameters ranging from 28.6mm - 80mm, with thicknesses ranging from 0.8 - 2.0mm. 

You can benefit from our process by having pipes instead of coil material as your perforated pipe raw material. A single-stage process will save you time and money compared to the conventional multi-stage process.  

However, should you wish to produce perforated pipes with metal coil instead, our production line is also equipped with roll forming machine and ERW welding machine. You will still benefit from the better roundness and smoothness of the pipes produced by our process. 

We can also easily meet your other requirements such as length and diameter.  The pipes can be cut to length and swaged to specification before being perforated on our customized stamping machine. 

The animation below shows an overview of our process. 
Roll Forming 1
Roll Forming
ERW Welding2
ERW Welding
Cutting to Length3
Cutting to Length
Finished Pipe6
Finished Pipe

In the roll forming and ERW welding stages, metal coils are rolled and welded to form pipes. If the raw material of the process is pipe, these two stages will not be needed. Then, pipes are cut to length at the cutting to length stage. The pipe can be swaged if varying diameter is needed. Holes are then perforated on the pipe directly.  



Perforated pipes can be used in a variety of applications, for example:

  • Automotive silencer

  • Filtration system elements (Engine oil filter, filter center tube, well screen, etc)

  • Aeration system tubes

  • Chemical processing system
img-services-application1.jpg   img-services-application2.jpg   img-services-application3.jpg
Automotive Silencer   Filtration System   Aeration System


Sample Products

Below are samples of perforated pipes produced by our process. 
sample product of Pipe Perforation   sample product of Pipe Perforation   sample product of Pipe Perforation
Sample 1   Sample 2   Sample 3
sample product of Pipe Perforation   sample product of Pipe Perforation   sample product of Pipe Perforation
Sample 4   Sample 5   Sample 6

Other Services

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Below are our company's clients around the world

HT Group of Companies

logo-btm-panel-sgs-iso9001.png   logo-btm-panel-htgroup.png   HT is a mass manufacturer specializing in pipe perforation, aluminium anodizing, metal stamping, tooling design and fabrication. Our manufacturing operations are managed by HT Presswork Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd., PT. HTP Metalworks, and PT. Andon Indonesia, which are located in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Contact Details

(HQ) HT Presswork Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. 
No. 113-1, Jalan Sawit Baru 8,
Kawasan Perindustrian Sawit Baru,
81030 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia.
phone +607-652 5112
email info@htpress.com