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Pipe Perforation

Direct Stamping on Pipe

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Direct Stamping on Pipe

With our years of experience in the manufacturing industry and deep understanding of customer's needs, we have developed an innovative pipe perforating method that promises lower cost, higher product quality, and shorter process flow.
Our perforation method features direct stamping on pipe. This process is particularly advantageous for metal pipes that require small holes with dense configuration or those that require secondary processes like swaging. The pipe can be swaged before or after the perforation process with its structural integrity retained.
If you are looking to improve the appearance of your product, our process produces seamless pipes that are 360° perforated with smooth surfaces. These pipes will have better roundness compared to pipes produced via other methods.


Our Process

Our perforated pipes have diameter ranging from 28.6mm - 80mm and thickness ranging from 0.8 - 2.0mm. We have worked on materials such as stainless steel and aluminium. Please reach out to us directly if you have other size and material requirements.  

We provide flexible choice for the form of raw material used. Before being perforated, the material can either be already in a pipe from, or be rolled into a pipe from a coil. If you choose the former method, you can eliminate one step in your manufacturing process, reducing process time and money. If you choose the later method, we have in-house roll-forming and ERW welding machine ready at your service. No matter what's your requirement, we are a hassle-free, one-stop destination for you.   

Our manufacturing process is tailored to your needs and product requirement. For any tube length, diameter, and shape requirement, we can customize our process and stamping tool to ensure you get what you design. For instance, the tube can be swaged at any or both ends before being perforated. 

The animation below shows an overview of our perforation process flow. 
Roll Forming 1
Roll Forming
ERW Welding2
ERW Welding
Aeration system tubes3
Cutting to Length
Stamping Pipe5
Pipe Finishing6
Finished Pipe

The animation above shows one of the many configurations of our process. It produces pipes swaged on one end and perforated in the middle.

In this process, the raw material comes in the form of coil. In the roll forming and ERW welding stages, it is rolled and welded to form pipes. If the raw material of the process is pipe, these two stages will not be needed. After that, the pipe is cut to a specific length according to customer requirements. Then, one of the ends is swaged. The pipe can be swaged to varying diameter on either or both ends. Finally, holes are directly perforated on the pipe.  



We are currently serving customers in the automotive industry and the consumer appliances industry with products like  automotive silencer and light diffuser. The same perforation method can also be used for other applications, for example:

  • Filtration system elements (Engine oil filter, filter center tube, well screen, etc)

  • Aeration system tubes

  • Chemical processing system tubes
Aeration   Filter
Aeration   Filter

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