Main Activities

1. Total Quality Management
HT Presswork team members share a common commitment to provide our internal and external customers with services, products, and attitudes that consistently exceed expectations. To achieve these, we focus on the process of continual improvements in all that we do and the benefits it provides through increased customer satisfaction. In the face of ever changing customer needs, HT Presswork relies on an innovative system of Job Development, Design, Process and Quality Engineering to create a cost effective toolings, products and improved processes. Various problem solving techniques, preventive actions, enhanced communications and specific value added improvement projects are methods used to meet these customer expectations. This proven approach is now a cultural element that is trained to and deeply ingrained in all HT Presswork employees.

2. Research & Development Engineering
HT Presswork offers comprehensive engineering and design assistance. This includes outlining various design options to best fit your product assembly processes. Known for ingenuity and originality in Precision Metal Stamping, we are the leader in aluminium decorative stamped products, surface finished stamped products with zero radius forming. Using the latest in computer-aided design software, our skilled and creative engineers develop intricated die designs that are accurate at the very initial, helping to dramatically reduce lead time, design and part cost.

3. Manufacturing
HT Presswork specialize in micro-finishing, precision toleranced and comprehensive embossing parts. From parts quantities less than 10,000 pieces to over a million, our facilities, equipments, and systems are set up to efficiently produce millions of parts per month while maintaining precise tolerances for optimum parts performance. Precision is a critical element for most of our runs. While tolerances and surface requirements are held according to part specifications. 

 4. Just-In-Time Delivery
Not only do we assure top quality stamped parts; we ensure Just-In-Time delivery to meet your production schedule requirements. Our precision stamped parts are shipped throughout much of the world and used in a wide variety of industries, including; Satelite Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics,  Automotive, Computers and more. Whether it's the optimum quantity required by your Just-In-Time assembly operations, or a warehouse-filling order, you can depend on HT Presswork to have product available anywhere and anytime you need it. HT Presswork utilizes regular shippers, expedited shipments, next day drops and door to door couriers to make on-time delivery a priority.

5. Value Added Secondary Operations
HT Presswork's value-added secondary operations enable you to bring in finished parts and assemblies that are ready to be integrated right into your product assembly operations. These operations include:
• In-House CNC Cleared & Coloured Anodizing Line
• CNC Milling Centre
• CNC Lathe Centre
• Fully Automatic Polishing Machine with self-guided transportation
• Tad & Spot Welding
• In-Die Tapping & Off-Line Tapping
• Plating & Finishing
• Riveting
• Part & Sub Assemblies

6. Environment Management Policy
HT Presswork is committed to continuously pursue and contribute to the conservation and support of the environmental system for the betterment of health, happiness and prosperity. We will support a Healthy and Safe Environment in compliance with the applicable Legal and other requirements inclusive of specific customers’ environmental requirements. We will continue to develop sustainable efforts in the preservation of the natural environment.

HT Presswork will eradicate undesirable environmental impact by managing available material, resources and proper use of energy sources effectively through reducing, recycling and re-using.

7. Quality Assurance
Quality and process control is an integral part of every phase of our operations, from the highest grade incoming raw material to finished parts. HT Presswork is an ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturer. For our customers this means that a proven, documented and independently audited Quality System is in place, assuring that only consistent, accurate and reliable products are produced. Our Non-Contact Programmable Video Measuring Systems greatly enhance our process control capabilities. This system significantly reduces inspection time, eliminates human error and makes statistical data available in real time, so product quality may be constantly monitored. Integrated SPC software allows Quality Assurance to generate meaningful capability graphs and quality reports quickly, for all customer document or data requirements.

8. To Our Staff
HT Presswork's commitment to staff development and training ensures that as rapidly as the industry changes and grows, so does our level of knowledge and know-how. As a tribute to the extraordinary level of employee development and training that we implement company-wide, we are recognised by the local government authorities in people training management.