HT Presswork Sdn. Bhd was established on 27th March 1995. Currently, our company operations are located in Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition, our main plant in Malaysia operates on a factory space of 100,000 sq ft. Our company has a wide range of stamped products which consists of parts for Satelite Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Computers and more.

Decorative anodized aluminium parts for high-end consumer electronics are one of our specialities. Such surface finished products come with a wide variety of colours, dramatically enhancing the aesthetic quality of products, thereby increasing the consumers’ interest in your product. To view our full list of products made, and materials used, click here.

Environment Management Policy
HT Presswork is committed to continuously pursue and contribute to the conservation and support of the environmental system for the betterment of health, happiness and prosperity. We will support a Healthy and Safe Environment in compliance with the applicable Legal and other requirements inclusive of specific customers’ environmental requirements. We will continue to develop sustainable efforts in the preservation of the natural environment.

HT Presswork will eradicate undesirable environmental impact by managing available material, resources and proper use of energy sources effectively through reducing, recycling and re-using.

To Our Staff
HT Presswork's commitment to staff development and training ensures that as rapidly as the industry changes and grows, so does our level of knowledge and know-how. As a tribute to the extraordinary level of employee development and training that we implement company-wide, we are recognised by the local government authority in people training management.

Innovation Milestone
Year 1995 - Tooling Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Year 1998 - Rapid Prototyping, Tool Design & Fabrication
Year 2002 - Development of Aluminium Telescopic Products
Year 2005 - Implementation of fully-automated CNC Surface Treatment Line with chemical sanding finishing
Year 2006 - Development of "Zero Radius Bend" Decorative Product and "Micron Ra" Hairline Surface Texture Finishing
Year 2007 - Co-Design & Launching of  "Heat Sink"
Year 2008 - Development of Deep Drawing Spinning Process on Aluminium

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HT Presswork believes in Total Quality Management, and every employee in the company is responsible in producing products of compatible quality at optium cost. We also seeks continous improvement through training and all activities carried out, so as to delight our customers. Lastly, HT Presswork also maintains an effective quality management system.

Business Partners
Below are our company's Business Partners: